Detailed Seismic Assessment

Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

It's best to construct a building after studying the seismological history of a location. Engineers at Limestone runs several tests and assessments to study the same and proceed with the works after a detailed consideration of all the seismological factors. For the buildings to be strong enough to resist natural calamities, they should be built in that way.

Detailed Seismic Assessment and Strengthening

Seismic Assessment

Following the Christchurch earthquake sequence, territorial authorities (TA) now required all non-residential constructions, including multi-unit residential complexes, to obtain a detailed seismic assessment (DSA).

The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the damage caused by the earthquake events and to determine if the building is defined as earthquake prone under the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016, which goes into effect on July 1, 2017.

 Seismic Strengthening

We provide seismic strengthening design to clients whose buildings are determined to have an NBS of less than 34% following the DSA. Under present regulations, buildings with less than 34 percent NBS must be strengthened or demolished. We use new methods that are cost effective, conserve space, and are attractively displayed.


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