Earthquake Repairs

Repairs and Inspection in Christchurch, Canterbury

The massive earthquake that struck Christchurch in 2011 caused significant damage to Christchurch and many buildings still need repairs. For this reason, we are still receiving requests for earthquake repairs in Christchurch and Canterbury.

Our structural engineers in Christchurch are able to provide an overview of the hazards for any type of building and provide a checklist to consider when planning and implementing a disaster preparedness project.

Earthquake Repairs and Inspection

Qualified and experienced local technicians are involved: structural and seismic geotechnical engineers and hazard geologists. Ensure that the design and implementation of all project activities, including construction and infrastructure improvements, are seismic and conform to local and/or international building standards.

Building Content and Fall Risk Mitigation

Think of the destruction and damage an earthquake can cause to buildings and interiors, including windows, doors, furniture and equipment. Our engineers can design building shells in such a way that no objects can fall on people, especially at the exit. Our main goal is not only to repair buildings, but also to mitigate these hazards during construction, to avoid injuries and exit blockages in earthquakes, and to protect vital contents such as medical equipment, sensitive data or cultural artifacts.


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