Geotechnical Engineering Christchurch

In-depth Geotechnical Knowledge

Geotechnical engineering is one of the core competencies of Limestone Engineering Christchurch. We provide geotechnical services that lie in applied geosciences, geotechnics, dynamics, and the environment. The range of services includes the areas of shallow geotechnical investigation and TC3 deep soil testing as well as appraisal, advice, planning, measurements and construction monitoring. In addition, testing and expert services are provided.

Our geotechnical engineers are based in Christchurch and believe that challenges are a welcome opportunity to find new, innovative solutions. We are monitoring closely the current scientific developments and research to integrate them into the work. 

Our engineers have in-depth geotechnical knowledge and experience in many specialist areas in order to process the structural engineering measures in all geotechnical categories and to carry out the necessary mathematical verifications.

We are happy to share our expertise with our clients and project partners. If you are looking for expertise and experience, get in touch with our specialists. We look forward to finding the optimal solution for you.


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