What is structural engineering?

Structural engineers are professionals who are involved in designing, analyzing, and constructing buildings. They mainly focus on the design and layout of structures like bridges, buildings, dams etc. Structural engineering is a multidisciplinary field that involves the design of structures for both natural and human-built environments. Structural engineers combine science and engineering principles with social, economic and environmental considerations to build safe structures that can withstand forces like earthquakes or extreme weather conditions. The structural engineer is one of the most important members of a construction team. While the structural designer creates the building design, it is this person’s job to make sure that it can actually be built.

The scope of structural engineering includes:

The design and analysis of building structural elements such as foundations, beams, columns, walls and special elements such as arches or domes are always in demand. The design process can be thought of as a sequence from conceptualization to completion. The designer's role in this process is to understand the client's needs and goals to produce a functional design that meets those needs but may not necessarily adhere to various local codes or meet all building code requirements. The designer must then produce construction drawings that show how this conceptual design will be built by providing sufficient information for contractors to start their work on site. The engineer will oversee any construction.

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